Tula State University


The history of Tula State University starts in the year 1930. Today the University is the largest educational,
research and innovation center in the region, one of the recognized leaders of higher technical education in the
country. More than 16,000 students and more than 500 postgraduate and doctoral students study in TSU.
The university enrolled the first foreign students in 1962. Since that year a large number of highly skilled
professionals have graduated to work in European, Asian, African and Latin American countries. Today about 1,000
foreign students from more than 60 countries study in TSU.
The University has a rich material and technical base: its own sports center, hospital, health resort,
comfortable dormitories, etc.
Foreign applicants are offered a wide range of educational programs at TSU in accordance with the level and
specialty of prior education. TSU has implemented multi-level system of specialists training: secondary and higher
education in over 150 fields of study and qualifications; training of highly qualified personnel in 70 specialties of
medical residency, postgraduate and doctoral studies; additional professional training.
Applicants who do not speak Russian language are offered to study an additional educational program that
ensures the mastering of basic educational program of higher education in Russian language, which is realized by the
Pre-university training center for foreign citizens (PUTCFC) of the Institute of International Education.
PUTCFC offers five major programs: technical, economic, liberal arts, natural science and biomedical. Our
expert and tactful teachers base their work on the successful experience of building an effective education system,
finding an individual approach to each student, as well as new techniques of intensive training. This makes the study
of Russian language interesting and rich, as well as productive despite a very short time of study.
You need to apply the following documents to study in PUTCFC:
- original document of previous education with duly legalized translation into Russian (if necessary);
- certificate of recognition of foreign education in Russian Federation (if applicable) issued by Federal
Education and Science Supervision Agency (www.nic.gov.ru);
- passport of the holder of the document with the translation into Russian language certified in the prescribed
- Medical certificate stating the absence of HIV infection and AIDS disease;
- 6 photos, 3x4 cm.
Tuition fees in the 2017/2018 academic year: *
- Studying in PUTCFC for 6-10 months - 100000 rubles;
- Bachelors and specialists programs - 75500 - 200000 rubles per year;
- Master’s programs - 84000 - 200000 rubles per year;
- Training of highly qualified personnel - 65000 - 200000 rubles per year;
- The cost of living in the dormitories - 500 rubles per month;
- The cost of medical insurance - 8000 rubles a year.
* The cost of these services is increasing annually, taking into account the inflation, provided by the basic
characteristics of the federal budget for the next fiscal year and planning period.
The citizens of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan are eligible for admission to Russian
universities on a competitive basis to the places, financed from the federal budget.
If you have questions concerning the admission, please contact: + 7-4872-25-46-52 or + 7-4872-25-46-55 or
+ 7-4872-25-46-53 or via e-mail foreign@tsu.tula.ru.
Our address: 300012, 84-g, Lenin prospect, Tula, Russia.
Visit our web site: www.tsu.tula.ru.



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